Your 7-Day Dinner Plan: Big-Batch Recipes to Get You Through the Week

Make dinner planning simpler by cooking larger batches of dishes that can be transformed into completely different meals.
Published November 9, 2021

If you've dabbled in meal planning, you know that making one larger batch of a dish for the week can be an efficient time saver. But for anyone who hates leftovers or the idea of eating the same dish over and over (or has family members who do), this concept can fall flat.

These big-batch recipes and the new simple meals you can make from them split the difference. The leftovers get a complete makeover for their second, third, and even fourth appearances so it's like a brand new dish every time.

Presto change-o! Beef stew becomes a rich gravy for polenta and then turns into a tomato soup, while mini turkey meatloaves magically transform into a pasta sauce, stuffed cabbage, and a hearty soup.

And if you don't want them all for the same week, both dishes also freeze really well, so set aside what you need for the other recipes and save them for a rainy day.