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Clam bake: The one pot kitchen version

If you’re a fan of this iconic summer feast, you’re gonna love our one-pot kitchen version!
Published August 15, 2017

It’s so easy to have a clam bake—all the fun without the fuss. Dig in at home, or take the party outside.


Land vs. sand


On the fence about where to have your clambake? If the ease and excellence of our one-pot kitchen version leave you yearning for a messy beach, we won’t judge (much). Rather, here’s a side-by-side guide to help you compare the two.

On a stove In a sandpit
Grab a large stockpot and set it on your stovetop.
Dig a big hole in the sand.
Don’t forget your shovel. Start early!
Sauté chopped onion and aromatics in butter.
Line it with rocks.
Good thing you’ve been working out.
Add wine and broth.
Wow, that smells amazing.
Build a fire on the rocks and let it burn out. Remove the ashes.
Girl Scout training is useful.
Layer potatoes, chorizo, corn, and clams into the pot.
So easy!
Put a layer of seaweed on the rocks, then layer your food on top of that.
Seaweed? Seriously?
The clams will open, and the corn and potatoes will be tender in 15-20 minutes.
Really, that’s it?!
Cover with more seaweed, then a layer of sand on top.
Is this still happening?!
Garnish with parsley and lemon wedges.
Cook until everything is done.
Bring a good book and a flashlight. This will take a while.
Dig in.
This tastes fantastic!
Dig it up and eat.
Delicious. Probably. It’s dark and you’re famished, and you’d eat anything at this point.

No matter whether you decide to do your clam bake on land or seaside, use the following recipes to create your feast: