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Every year, Black History Month has honored a specific theme highlighting various aspects of Black culture, history, and identity. This year’s theme is a subject that we at WW believe deserves acute amplification: Black Health and Wellness. Join us as we celebrate Black change-makers who are reshaping the wellness space, advocating for change, and providing tools for healthier and longer lives across Black communities. Learn how WW is contributing to that very mission.

What's the State
of Black Women and Wellness in 2022?

Despite experiencing a host of health disparities, Black women are fighting bias in ways that matter to them: healing themselves through community workshops, creating inclusive mindset spaces, and engaging doctors on how to offer culturally competent care. WW’s immersive report reveals their powerful stories.

Embracing Culture and Cuisine

Black communities have built centuries-old roots in delicious, flavorful food. To honor this heritage and put fresh ideas on your table, we’ve rounded up traditional recipes from around the globe—healthy soul food included!

apricots grilled halves with yogurt and honey
apricots grilled halves with yogurt and honey

Speak Your Truth with WW Workshops

True healing can’t happen without safe spaces. WW’s Virtual Workshops, including six weekly Workshops for Black women, welcome those with shared experiences and give members the support to reach their goals.

Shevon E.
WW member

“The pandemic, George Floyd’s and Breonna Taylor’s killings, the country’s political unrest—I don’t know how anybody was not emotionally eating. I was having a tough time, but WW’s Virtual Workshops gave me a judgment-free place to open up about my struggles. I share more with these women than I do with girlfriends I’ve known my whole life.”

Lauren P.
WW member

“With the Workshops, there’s a common language that we all speak. If someone says they found a really good collard greens recipe, I’m going to trust them because they have a similar experience of what collard greens should taste like.”

Cheria M.
WW member

“The accountability we have created in this group is astounding. If I can’t make a Virtual Workshop, I’ll get a message saying, ‘Hey, are you OK? We missed you tonight.’”

Beverly H.
WW member

“I’m a three-time breast cancer survivor. When I heard that a few members in the group had recently been diagnosed, I reached out through private chat. That’s what these Workshops are all about. We share our experiences so that people feel less alone.”

Make Healthy Living Accessible for All

WW supports organizations invested in the health of BIPOC women with our second annual Wellness Impact Award—and we want your nominations. Know of a community-centered organization that’s breaking wellness barriers for women of color? Nominate them by February 18. Each winning organization will get a $15,000 grant.

Meet Your Motivators

Feel seen, feel heard, feel change. WW Digital 360 and Unlimited Workshops + Digital members have access to Coaches who get them and their journeys—because they’ve been there too.

Digital 360 Coach Favin

“I’m a lifelong WW member (and air-fryer fanatic!) who loves helping people think about things in a new way, whether that’s providing them with a new recipe or introducing them to a new exercise. I’ll use my personal experience to make the program work for you.”

You Need to Hear This

Tune into WW’s WalkTalks podcast with Digital 360 Coach Alexis Rose and family medicine physician Kristamarie Collman, MD, for a two-in-one walking workout and advice-packed podcast. Dr. Kristamarie weighs in on how to advocate for your health at the doctor’s office, prioritize stress management when life feels physically and emotionally tough, and more.

How to Be the CEO of Your Own Body
How to Be the CEO of Your Own Body