Zero Points® Foods

Enjoy these delicious, satisfying foods without having to weigh, measure, or track them.

Based on our successful SmartPoints® system, WW Freestyle offers more than 200 zero Points foods—including eggs, skinless chicken breast, fish and seafood, corn, beans, peas, and so much more—to multiply your meal and menu possibilities.

And it makes life simpler, too: You can forget about weighing, measuring, or tracking those zero Points foods.

Enjoy it all!

By combining zero Points foods and foods with SmartPoints values, you have more freedom when building meals and snacks, along with the flexibility to have a satisfying meal no matter how the day or week went.

And it works

In clinical trials:

  • Participants said they had fewer food cravings and less hunger.

  • Nearly three out of four were satisfied with their weight loss progress at six months.

  • More than 93 percent agreed WW Freestyle helps them feel healthier.

  • And of those who've tried to lose weight before, more than 82 percent agreed that WW Freestyle is easier to do and almost 93 percent agreed it gives them more flexibility in their food choices compared to other times they’ve tried to lose weight in the past.