ZeroPoint™ Foods

Enjoy these delicious, satisfying foods without having to weigh, measure, or track them.

Based on our successful SmartPoints® system, WW Freestyle offers more than 200 ZeroPoint foods—including eggs, skinless chicken breast, fish and seafood, corn, beans, peas, and so much more—to multiply your meal and menu possibilities. Foods designated as ZeroPoint foods were chosen because they help form the foundation for a healthy eating pattern.

Plus, they're much less likely to be overeaten than other foods (it’s a lot harder to eat six chicken breasts than six cookies). In a carefully monitored clinical trial, members still reported great weight loss, even without tracking these foods. And they makes life simpler, too: You can forget about weighing, measuring, or tracking those ZeroPoint foods.


Enjoy it all!

By combining ZeroPoint foods and foods with SmartPoints values, you have more freedom when building meals and snacks, along with the flexibility to have a satisfying meal no matter how the day or week went.