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Daphne Oz’s
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As a busy mom, Daphne loves the flexibility of myWW and you will too

“Good Food is my go-to!”

I’ve spent my career focusing on figuring out the best ways to achieve and enjoy wellness, and good food is my go-to! But as a busy mom of four, I want to feel great inside and out without adding stress to my life. It has to be easy because it’s not my only focus. I love that myWW simplifies my strategy for success and is customized to my unique preferences and lifestyle. WW works because it is flexible and lets us be humans with real lives, so we get to pursue our goals on our terms every day.

“Every meal is a chance to celebrate”

In my book, gathering around the table creates the best memories. I am so excited to be able to share recipes our WW community can use to create magic in their own kitchens. One thing I can promise: If it’s not delicious, I don’t care if it’s healthy. We don’t have to choose—we get to have both!

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