Annaleigh Ashford Joins WW (Weight Watchers) as Brand Ambassador | WW USA

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Today: Get WW free for the rest of the year!

With select plan purchase. Plus, score a free cookbook.

Tony Award–winning actress Annaleigh Ashford has been a proud member of WW for 11 years!

Annaleigh is loving life on PersonalPoints and knows you’ll love it too.

Getting Started with WW PersonalPoints Is Easy

  • The new WW PersonalPoints Program is built 100% for you, around the foods you love and can’t live without.
  • After you join, answer a few questions in the PersonalPoints Engine. WW’s scientists will design your individualized Points® Budget plus a personalized list of (no-measure, no-track!) ZeroPoint foods.
  • Healthy habits can be hard to build and even harder to stick with. Not anymore! You’ll grow your Budget by eating non-starchy veggies, drinking water, and staying active—so better choices feel celebratory, not like work.

“Wellness is truly a lifelong journey. WW works, so why would I ever stop?”

As a proud Lifetime member, Annaleigh leans on the support and knowledge that WW has provided her for over a decade.

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