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Meet the WW Science Team

WW is built on a foundation of science—so it’s no surprise that we have a dedicated group of experts who ensure all our solutions are rooted in the best possible research. Enter the WW Science team. Composed of scientists specializing in behavior change, behavioral economics, clinical research, nutrition, and more, the team plays an integral role in everything we do.

Our mission 

What’s the team’s mission? To discover, define, and advocate for healthy habits that empower people to live their best lives. That’s why our scientists work across the organization, collaborating with colleagues in every division to undertake, share, and translate research so that it’s accessible and actionable for all people. 


What we do

We are dedicated to grounding all that we do with consensus-driven, peer-reviewed research across weight and wellness, including nutritional and behavior-change science. The team helps co-create WW’s leading weight-loss program, wellness experiences, and new program and product innovations. We collaborate with our product and content teams to create evidence-based, interactive design, digital, and in-person experiences; train field staff, analyze user data, and share the science of WW’s programmatic approach to weight-loss and wellness through tangible, actionable strategies that work within your current lifestyle. Our experts also regularly partner with universities in conducting clinical research to ensure we’re at the forefront of the latest research. Simply put, everything we do at WW is rooted in science!