Alexis Wojtanowski

Global Director of Programme
Published 30 September, 2020

What she does at WW

Alexis focuses on the articulation and dissemination of the WW weight-loss programme across all touchpoints and markets. In other words, she ensures that no matter how or where members experience WW - whether at a Workshop in New York or on the app in Berlin - they’re consistently getting the best, most up-to-date science.

She also contributes to programme innovation, developing new ways for WW to serve its members. One of the things she’s particularly proud of is her work in scaling science to bring evidence-based weight-management and wellness strategies to people of diverse backgrounds.

Her background

Alexis has more than ten years direct experience in many aspects of health-based behaviour change. Before joining WW’s Science team in 2014, she coordinated behavioural weight-management research at the Centre for Obesity Research and Education at Temple University.

Earlier professional stops include YMCA and AmeriCorps, where she developed youth programming to promote healthy lifestyles. Alexis has co-authored more than 20 peer-reviewed publications in the field of weight management, along with several book chapters. She has a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Ithaca College.

What brought her to WW

According to Alexis, it was the opportunity to impact millions of lives by talking about science. “There are few places where you can translate and scale evidence-based strategies into a creative, engaging programme that reaches people around the world, and truly democratises wellness,” she adds.

Most exciting part of the job

The most thrilling part for her is seeing the process: ideas go from the scientific literature to a pilot, and then to a full-blown app and content experience. She also appreciates that the constant collaboration across teams keeps her mind wide open to new ideas, new ways of thinking, and encourages her to stretch her knowledge.

Get to know Alexis:

  • In her free time: She loves a good home improvement project. Her latest DIY attempt? A backyard compost bin.
  • You might be surprised to learn: Alexis and her husband once spent six months living out of a van on a cross-country tour of U.S. national parks. She’s also an avid rock climber, a bit strange considering she’s terrified of heights.
  • Her ultimate self-care Sunday: Pancakes, yoga, and an afternoon outside with friends - cliché but so satisfying!