Christi Smith, MS, CSCS

Associate Manager, Science Translation
Published 22 February, 2021

What she does at WW

Christi supports the strategy, management, and global implementation of the WW Science Hub—a living, breathing resource center for WW teams around the world. She researches the latest findings related to behavior change, psychology, and exercise to ensure that WW’s points of view, principles, and techniques are supported by the newest, best-in-class science. Then, she helps colleagues across the organization translate this information in a compelling way to help members form healthy habits.

Her background

As an experienced Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach, Christi is passionate about creating positive lifestyle changes through exercise and activity. She joins WW with extensive experience in exercise physiology and health-promotion programming. Her first love is programming based on data from exercise testing and evaluation. After spending time working in cardiac rehabilitation and the private health club sector, she had the pleasure of creating health-promotion programs and serving as a Fitness Director for the US Army and Marine Corps.

What brought her to WW

A new member of the Science team, Christi joined WW in late 2020 after what she describes as a major year of reflection. She realized the importance of helping credible, actionable science reach the masses and was immediately drawn to WW. In part, this was because of WW’s holistic approach to behavior change, but also because she has a personal connection to the brand. She witnessed the impact WW has on members first-hand via her sister, who went through the program and successfully lost over 70 pounds. Christi says she’s most excited about the scientific integrity WW stands for and the organization's commitment to inclusion, diversity, and improving health equity.

Get to know Christi:

  • In her free time: You’re most likely to find Christi on the tennis court with friends and family. However, during college football season, her Saturdays are dedicated to game-watching. She hasn’t missed a University of Georgia football game in years!
  • You might be surprised to learn: After college, she interned at The White House Athletic Center, where she created health-promotion initiatives and organized fitness programs for employees of the Executive Office of the President.
  • The best advice she’s ever received: “Bloom where you’re planted.” As a military spouse, she has experienced the challenges that come with relocating your life, friends, and job (over and over). As such, she regularly takes this advice to heart—reminding herself to be open and pursue new adventures with vigor.