Tiffany Bullard, PhD

Manager, Clinical Research
Published 30 September, 2020

What she does at WW

Tiffany helps oversee the internal and external research conducted at WW, and serves as an expert on all things science-related in the weight management and wellbeing space. As a manager of clinical research, she reviews and creates content to inform programme material and internal communications regarding science and behaviour change. Tiffany works to ensure that WW continues to be at the forefront of providing programmes and products to its members that are backed by science.

Her background

Prior to joining WW, Tiffany completed her doctoral studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. There, she studied kinesiology with a focus on exercise psychology. During her doctoral studies, she managed clinical trials aimed to enhance cognitive function, self-efficacy, and physical activity engagement. Tiffany’s expertise is in the design of technology-delivered health behaviour interventions to promote psychological, cognitive, and physical wellbeing.

What brought her to WW

Having a background in the use of technology to promote health behaviour change, Tiffany was excited to learn about WW’s digital platform that provides an all-encompassing programme for improving overall wellness. She loves that science guides every aspect of the WW weight-loss programme and appreciates what a major impact the company has on health, helping over four million members become successful in their wellness goals.

Most exciting part of the job

For Tiffany, it’s all about collaboration. Co-creating across teams allows her to learn from passionate, experienced colleagues and utilise her own area of expertise to provide new insights and ideas for the various pillars at WW.

Get to know Tiffany:

  • In her free time: You can find her trying new fitness classes at the gym or spending time outdoors.
  • You might be surprised to learn: Tiffany loves animals and has worked as a dog walker and dog sitter. She’s looking forward to the day (hopefully sometime soon!) when she can adopt a dog of her own.
  • Go-to restaurant order: Recently, she’s been trying to mimic some of her restaurant favourites at home. So far, the winners are homemade pad thai and caprese flatbreads! A self-proclaimed foodie, Tiffany also loves learning about different cuisines - whether that’s by exploring local restaurants with friends, trying a new recipe, or watching food documentaries on Netflix. Her favourite is Ugly Delicious, which combines cooking, travel, and food history.