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Quick chicken pasta

Points® value
Total Time
30 min
10 min
20 min
Filling pasta in a flash - an ideal midweek supper that all the family will enjoy.


White pasta, dry

250 g, tagliatelle

Spring Onions

6 medium, finely sliced


1 medium, chopped

Green Beans

200 g, sliced

Quark, fat free, plain

200 g

Skimmed Milk

125 ml


1 clove(s), crushed

Parsley, fresh

10 sprig(s), fresh, chopped

Chicken breast, skinless, grilled

300 g, sliced


  1. Put the tagliatelle in the saucepan, cover with plenty of boiling water from the kettle and cook for 8 minutes.
  2. Add the spring onions, courgettes and green beans to the tagliatelle after it has cooked for 8 minutes. Cook for 2-3 more minutes, until the pasta is tender.
  3. At the same time, stir the quark and milk together, using a whisk or wooden spoon to give a smooth mixture, then snip in about half the parsley using a pair of scissors. Season with black pepper and stir well. Slice the chicken thinly.
  4. Reserve 2 tablespoons of the cooking liquid from the pasta, then drain the tagliatelle and vegetables in the colander. Return them to the saucepan with the reserved cooking liquid. Stir in the cheese mixture and sliced chicken. Heat gently for 1-2 minutes, stirring occasionally, until heated through.
  5. Serve each portion on a warmed plate, snipping the rest of the parsley over the top, and season with a little extra black pepper.