Photo of Blinis with smoked trout and wasabi cream by WW

Blinis with smoked trout and wasabi cream

Points® value
Total Time
55 min
47 min
8 min
Impress guests over the festive season with these speedy blinis that are packed full of flavour.



50 g, flour

Plain White Flour

40 g

Baking powder

1 teaspoon(s), level


¼ teaspoon(s)

Egg, whole, raw

1 medium, raw, beaten lightly

Skimmed Milk

140 ml

Calorie controlled cooking spray

5 spray(s)

Smoked trout

125 g, hot, flaked into 20 pieces

Black pepper


Coriander, fresh

20 sprig(s), to garnishFor the wasabi cream

Reduced fat soured cream

5 tablespoon(s), level

0% fat natural Greek yogurt

3 tablespoon(s), 2 teaspoons wasabi paste


  1. Sift both types of flour, baking powder and salt into a large bowl. Mix together then make a well in the centre. In another bowl, whisk the egg into the milk and soured cream. Gradually, add the egg mixture to the flour, whisking to make a batter. Set aside for 30 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, make the wasabi cream. Mix together the soured cream, yogurt and wasabi paste then season with black pepper.
  3. Heat a large non stick frying pan, spray with the cooking spray and place 2 teaspoons of batter per blini in the pan (cook five at a time). Cook for 1 minute on each side then transfer to a plate while you cook the remaining 15 blinis.
  4. Place a teaspoonful of the wasabi cream on top of each blini then top with some of the flaked trout and a coriander leaf. Season with black pepper and serve.


The bite size pancakes can be made in advance to save time on the day and even frozen. Add the topping no more than 1 hour before serving to keepthem at the peak of freshness.The prep time includes 30 minutes resting time.