Photo of Asian-style pork noodle bowl by WW

Asian-style pork noodle bowl

Points® value
Total Time
25 min
10 min
15 min
Pork partners perfectly with Asian flavours such as ginger, soy and sesame, adding loads of flavour to this hearty noodle bowl


Calorie controlled cooking spray

4 spray(s)


2 clove(s)

Root Ginger

1 inch slice(s)

Pork Tenderloin, raw

350 g


125 g, shitake

Pak Choi

4 portion(s)

Chicken stock cube(s)

1 cube(s)

Soy Sauce

2 tablespoon(s)

Thai Fish Sauce

½ tablespoon(s)

Rice Noodles, dry

225 g

Sesame Oil

1 tablespoon(s)

Lime Juice, Fresh

30 ml


  1. Mist a large nonstick wok or frying pan with cooking spray and put over a high heat. Stir-fry the garlic, ginger and chilli for a couple of minutes over a medium heat, adding a splash of water if it starts to stick.
  2. Add the pork to the wok and stir-fry for 4-5 minutes until browned all over. Remove the pork from the wok and set aside.
  3. Add the shiitake mushrooms and pak choi to the wok and stir-fry for 4-5 minutes until the mushrooms are tender and the pak choi has started to wilt. Whisk together the chicken stock, soy sauce and fish sauce in a small jug, then add to the wok and toss until everything is combined.
  4. Meanwhile, cook the noodles to pack instructions. Drain, and then dress with the sesame oil.
  5. Return the pork to the wok and toss to coat in the sauce. Add the noodles and cook for 2 minutes until warmed through.
  6. Stir in the lime juice, divide between bowls and serve.


Try swapping the pork for 300g king prawns.