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Noom vs. WW (Weight Watchers reimagined): how do they compare?
We've helped millions of people lose weight for 57 years, and now our customised plans make weight loss easier for you.

If you’re in the market for an effective weight loss programme, you may have come across both Noom and WW (Weight Watchers reimagined).

While both programmes are designed for weight loss, the differences between Noom and WW are plentiful. For one, WW has been helping people lose weight for more than 55 years, thanks to decades of research and constant innovation designed to meet the needs of members at every life stage. Read on to learn more about how Noom and WW compare.


The main differences between Noom and WW 


While both Noom and WW are designed to foster weight loss, Noom relies on old-school calorie counting and assigns a red, yellow, and green colour to each food. WW combines powerful behaviour-change science and our science-backed SmartPoints® system, which takes a food’s complete nutritional profile into account by boiling down calories, saturated fat, sugar, and protein into one easy-to-use SmartPoints value. Here's why you should track SmartPoints instead of counting calories.

On WW, every member gets a personalised SmartPoints Budget based on height, age, weight, and sex that consists of daily SmartPoints, weekly SmartPoints, and rollovers for added flexibility, plus a list of ZeroPoint™ foods you don’t have to track or measure.

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Noom vs. WW: programme philosophy


The WW programme is based on proven principles of nutrition and behaviour change science to help you build healthy habits around food, mindset and activity. Developed by a highly-credentialed, dedicated Science team that partners with preeminent researchers around the world, WW recognises members’ achievements with “Wins” that can be redeemed for real rewards like products, services, and experiences.

WW also provides in-person support. There are thousands of expertly-trained WW Coaches who share science-backed techniques for weight loss at weekly Workshops and via 24/7 Live Coaching chat on the WW app and website, plus hundreds of thousands of WW members who attend local Workshops and/or post on Connect, WW’s exclusive, members-only social platform.

When following Noom, you get a personalised calorie budget, checklists, worksheets, and digital messaging to help you manage mental and emotional barriers to weight loss.


Noom vs. WW: food


No foods are off-limits with either programme. Noom has 3.7 million food options to track, with foods grouped into a traffic light system of green, yellow, and red foods to guide your food choices within a calorie budget.

The science behind the WW SmartPoints system stems from the proven theory that not all calories are equal: some foods leave you feeling extra satisfied while others may stoke your appetite for more. So while you can spend your SmartPoints Budget on whatever foods you’d like, members tend to naturally gravitate toward whole foods with higher protein and away from processed foods with higher sugar and saturated fat content, and achieve sustainable weight loss without deprivation.

Everything is on the table: WW’s database has over 42,000 foods, including meal options from 70 restaurants and 1,000+ WW recipes. On myWW™, WW’s most customised weight loss programme ever, members take a science-backed personal assessment on their food preferences, lifestyle, and preferred approach to weight loss. Then, they’re matched with a SmartPoints Budget and a list of ZeroPoints foods which could include fruits and non-starchy veggies, lean proteins, and/or whole grains, depending on the myWW colour they’re matched with.


Support and personal coaching


There are no in-person meetings or groups on Noom, which offers digital personal coaching through the app. After two weeks on the programme, you're put into a digital support group with other members.

WW offers several modes of support to fit your lifestyle, schedule, and learning style. Digital members can participate in 24/7 Live Coaching via chat and a members-only Connect social network, where you can find inspiration and get real-time advice. Both are available in our award-winning app. For even more support, you can also visit a WW Studio and join weekly Workshops, which are led by expertly trained WW Coaches.

Why group meetings are "critical" for effective weight loss

WW delivers a curriculum of weekly topics that are covered in Workshops and in our digital tools to make creating healthy habits simple and fun through science-backed techniques. By tracking activity along with your food, you earn FitPoints® so you can celebrate your progress toward your goals. As you track these along with weight, you earn “Wins” through our WellnessWins™ rewards programme, to remind you of the strides you’re making in building healthy habits. You can redeem your Wins for real rewards that will motivate you along the journey.

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U.S. News & World Report Rankings*

In 2020, WW was ranked #1 Best Diet for Weight Loss for the tenth consecutive year.​

No 2020 ranking.

What can I eat?

Everything's still on the menu. While the myWW™ programme is designed to nudge you towards a healthier pattern of eating, provided you stay within your personalised SmartPoints Budget, you can eat whatever you like!

You'll also enjoy ZeroPoint™ foods you don't have to track. These include most fruits and veggies and - depending on which customised plan you get matched to - oats, wholewheat pasta and potatoes. Check out these 1-day sample meal plans on each of the three unique ways to follow the programme to see what you can eat.

No foods are off limits. You will still count calories, but foods are grouped into a traffic light system of green, yellow and red foods to help guide your food choices.

How it works

On our groundbreaking myWW programme, you will take a science-backed personal assessment on your food preferences, lifestyle, and approach to weight loss. Based on your answers and the latest behaviour change and nutritional science, WW will guide you to a food plan that fits you best. 

The WW programme has been developed based on principles of nutrition and behaviour change science to build healthy habits around food, activity, and mindset. The easy-to-use tools in our app give you access to personalised fitness goals, guided workouts and mini-meditations.

In addition to a personalised daily calorie budget, the Noom app includes checklists, worksheets and digital messaging to help their members manage mental and emotional barriers to weight loss.

Rewards WellnessWins™, our motivational one-of-a-kind rewards programme, recognises and celebrates your daily healthy habits. You earn “Wins” for doing everyday things (like tracking your meals) which you can redeem for FREE exclusive products and experiences. No rewards programme.
Community & Support WW meets you where you are. With our app, website, and in-person WW Workshops, you can choose the level of support that fits your life. Plus, all members have access to 24/7 live chat with a WW Coach and our exclusive members-only social network Connect, where you can find inspiration and chat to like-minded members.

Support is digital through a personal coach. After two weeks on the programme, you are placed into a digital support group with other members.


WW has over 55 years of experience in the science of behaviour change, and we’re using it to give people the proven tools they need to achieve their weight loss and wellness goals. Find out more about WW.

Noom was founded about 11 years ago and launched the Noom app in 2010.



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