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Group meetings a “critical success factor” for effective weight loss

The science is in, and face-to-face support is coming out top.

Grounded in science, WW doesn’t jump on the latest fads and trends. 

Instead, the WW programme takes into account the latest research to help members lose or maintain their weight, and build healthy habits. 


WW Workshops could be the key to weight loss success


Research continues to demonstrate that attendance at group meetings is a critical success factor for effective weight loss and improvements in health.1-5 

In fact, there is a direct relationship between the frequency of meeting attendance and weight loss success.

Simply put, the more Workshops you attend, the greater your weight loss results (and health improvements) are likely to be.6

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At WW, we offer a Workshop + Digital option which includes face-to-face weight loss support from an expert WW Coach, plus access to our 4.8* rated app.

We also offer a Digital Only membership, where you can access recipes, tracking tools and our inspirational social community Connect, all via the WW app.

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Whichever plan you choose, you’ll get plenty of support from the WW team and other WW members, including:

  • 24/7 live chat with an Online Coach in our app (yep, even when you’re hovering by the fridge at 3am!)
  • Exclusive members-only social community Connect 
  • A comprehensive content hub with recipe inspiration, weight loss tips and useful articles
  • You can also tap into our extensive Instagram community - like WW member Stevie who lost 2st 9lb - by searching hashtags like #mywwjourney and #wwcommunity.


The importance of support


A good support network is important for any weight loss journey, whether that comes from the WW team, WW members or friends & family, or all of the above!

Some weight loss plans don’t offer face-to-face support - like Noom - while others lack a structured support system, like the keto diet.

WW vs Noom

WW vs the keto diet


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