#BodyPositivity – bring it on!

Wondering how to build body confidence? Try these ideas…
Published 2 July, 2019

Most of us think of our body in terms of how it looks – its shape, size, and especially any perceived flaws. But imagine how you might feel if you focused on what your body can do, instead of its appearance? Try these steps:


Focus on the positives


The next time you have a critical thought about an aspect of your appearance, switch your focus to what that part of your body does for you.

1. Visualise a part of your body you’re discontent with. For instance, if you feel your arms are too big, picture your arms in your mind.

2. Consider what this part of your body does. For instance, do your arms enable you to carry your children?

3. Recognise the benefits this part of your body gives you, such as using your arms to hug your loved ones.


Be patient


Unrealistic ideals of how we ‘should’ look can make us feel unhappy with our appearance and changing that pattern takes time. But the more you focus on how your body works for you, the more your feelings will shift. Think of a part of your body you can change your views on this week and note how this makes you feel over time.