30 day challenge: learn to love yourself!

Check out these 30 self love tips from WW Coaches. One a day keeps the put-downs at bay.
Published 17 September, 2018

When it comes to taking care of you, do you? If your first impulse is to say no, then the next 30 days are for you.

WW editors collaborated with WW Coaches to come up with a month-long challenge to help you focus on your wellbeing and happiness.

As WW Coach Denise LaMagna told us: “Self-confidence and self-love is about loving who you are, and seeing in yourself what those who care about you see and love in you. It's about living as your best self, no matter what you weigh.”

Consider the next 30 days as a time to develop more self-love. At the end of the month, reflect on how you felt and the changes you noticed throughout. You may even develop a few practices that you continue with when the month is over.

DAY 1: Set your mindset for the month. Decide to put yourself first because you are worth it and you are important.

DAY 2: Name the one thing you are most proud of changing since joining WW.

DAY 3: Name three things you will do today that are fun.

DAY 4: Take four "mini breaks" today just to breathe deeply for two minutes and be in the moment. Focus on what your body feels like: Is it tired? Are there areas that are tense? Try to relax, if the answer is yes.

DAY 5: Over morning tea or coffee, jot down five things for which you are grateful today (e.g., the sun is shining, I feel good, my partner made me coffee, etc.).

DAY 6: Remove visible clutter from your desk at work and tables at home. Clearing clutter helps clear your mind.

DAY 7: Look in the mirror and remind yourself that you’re more than a number on the scale. Actually talk to your reflection! It will set the tone for the day.

DAY 8: Clean a clothing drawer or closet. Only keep the clothes you love and that you feel great wearing.

DAY 9: Name two foods you will eat today that are worthy of you.

DAY 10: Take a selfie and focus on your smile. Consider posting it to Connect with the hashtag #selflovechallenge.

DAY 11: Reflect on how far you've come and what you're capable of. 

DAY 12: Dress to impress yourself. Wear a favourite outfit today.

DAY 13: Name six people you have impacted in a positive way.

DAY 14: Challenge yourself to try new things. Write them down and add at least three of them to your schedule. 

DAY 15: Move more. Exercise makes you feel invigorated. You can start small with 10 gentle leg lifts or other form of gentle stretching before rising from bed.

DAY 16: Find the gift in the day. It could be seeing a rare bird or a deer on a walk, or having an easy, fun-loving day with your kids.

DAY 17: You’re a little more than half-done. Reflect on your accomplishments—both big and small—since you started this challenge.

DAY 18: We all slip up at one time or another—it happens, we are not perfect and it’s OK. Give yourself permission to not be perfect. What is important is your next step after that slip-up.

DAY 19: Journal something positive to look back on those "off" days we have.

DAY 20: Positive self-talk is a very important part of this journey. Speak to yourself as you would a loved one. You would not reprimand the person for gaining weight one week or not tracking the weekend. Concentrate on complimenting yourself today.

DAY 21: You took a very big step toward taking care of yourself—you joined WW and you’re worth it. Now let's see what next small step we can take for ourselves. Make a small goal about doing something for yourself, such as making time for something you love, so you can focus on all the great things you are doing for yourself in the programme.

DAY 22: Prioritise your needs by making a list of things you need to do for yourself for the day and week. Don’t forget to include time to glam up: schedule a manicure or pedicure or get a new haircut.

DAY 23: Revisit (and do) an activity that you loved as a child, whether it is finger painting, playing a sport, a video game or rollerblading!

DAY 24: Get out in nature—take a walk, do some gardening, or just lay in the grass.

DAY 25: Seek out alone time—read a book or practice yoga or meditation.

DAY 26: Put some music on and do whatever feels right—dancing, lying with your eyes closed, or singing along.

DAY 27: Tune out. Shut your phone off give yourself a social media vacation. Don't answer emails or texts right away.

DAY 28: Make more time for friends and family. Today, call a friend or a family member just to chat. Try to do this everyday this week.

DAY 29: Head up to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual for a bubble bath, good book or some form of pampering.

DAY 30: Recognise things that make you happy and cultivate happiness. Write a list of these things and keep it somewhere you can see it regularly. Make a pact with yourself to do at least one of these things once a day. This will help keep the focus on you that you had during the past 30 days.