Success Stories
Julia lost nearly 2st to get to goal back in 1991 and has been maintaining ever since!

Julia's story 

Name: Julia
Weight loss: 1st 3lb
Start weight: 11st 13lb
Goal weight: 10st 10lb
Current weight: 11st
Age: 51
Height: 5ft 5'
Time taken to goal: 4 months

Focus on what you’re going to gain… It’s far more motivating than thinking about the weight you have to lose. You don’t have to give anything up on Weight Watchers, but you’ll gain better health, more energy and a body you’ll love.’

Plan as much as you can You’ll stay one step ahead of any bumps in the road by always knowing what your next meal is, and what it’s going to cost you from your SmartPoints budget.

Practice a bit of self-compassion Nobody’s perfect, and nobody expects you to be either, so do your best and don’t beat yourself up if you have a few blips on your weight-loss journey.’

My yes moment When I got married in a fitted size-10 dress. Oh, and when I was elected to be a Coach in August 1992. I ran meetings for 22 years and loved every minute!

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