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Mastering meal plans

Planning ahead can help you stay on track. Here’s how…
Published 19 February, 2019

Deciding what to eat ahead of time can be especially helpful for a wellness journey. Planning your meals before you feel hungry can help you stay in control, especially when you encounter those external hunger triggers, such as the sight of a tasty muffin in a coffee shop. It’s also a great way to include the foods you love in your eating plan, with a variety of nutrients, flavours and SmartPoints® values to keep things interesting. There are many ways to plan or prepare meals in advance, no matter how much (or how little) time you have. Here are some top strategies to try:

Take stock

After choosing your meals, check what you already have on hand before making a shopping list, so you won’t buy things you don’t need or forget to pick up key ingredients.

Set a date

Choose when you’ll prepare recipes for the week ahead, so you’ll have meals to simply heat up when needed. Why not make it fun by asking friends or family over to help?

Double up

If preparing meals for an entire week is daunting, start with just two, or use a recipe you can batch cook so it stretches to two dinners.