Recipe for success

Learn how to make the most of ZeroPoint™ foods with these top tips.
Published 10 December, 2018

On the WW programme, no food is off the menu. You can eat whatever you fancy, as long as you stay within your Budget – which means there’s room for treats!

You also have a ZeroPoint foods list (foods with a SmartPoints® value of 0 that don't have to be weighed or tracked) that will help you to make healthier eating choices.

Here’s how to make the most of the ZeroPoint foods list…


The building blocks

Build your meal around ZeroPoint foods, then add little extras using your daily SmartPoints® Budget. 


Save your SmartPoints

If you’ve used your dailies, you can still make filling meals and snacks using ZeroPoint foods. 


Your ZeroPoint cushion

Having dinner out? Choose ZeroPoint foods for breakfast and lunch so you can spend your dailies on your special meal. Plus, if you plan ahead, you can roll over up to four SmartPoints each day into your weeklies, for when you need a few extra.