How to enjoy a Thai takeaway whilst on plan

Whether you're eating out or ordering a takeaway, let WW help you when ordering.
Published 12 November, 2020

Lets eat Thai! Whether you're eating out, or ordering a takeaway, let WW help you with what to order.

A fusion of culinary traditions with a bold use of fresh herbs and spices, authentic Thai food strikes a perfect balance between four taste profiles: sour, salty, sweet and spicy. A truly mouthwatering experience, it can be a healthy one, too. Wise up when eating out, or ordering a takeaway with these smart tips

1 Fresh flavours

A classic Thai menu is full of vegetables: dishes are packed with the likes of aubergines, peppers and pak choi, alongside a small portion of protein. Stir-fries are a great option and som tam, a vibrant papaya salad with green beans, dried shrimp and cashews, is a must-try. Always check the specials for delicious steamed fish infused with exciting aromatics such as lime, chilli and lemongrass – plus, they’re Points Budget-friendly.

2 Spice it up

Like your food hot? Thai food is renowned for its fiery flavours, and studies show that spicy dishes may help burn a few more calories. The spiciness forces you to slow down when eating, as well as to quench your thirst with water – so don’t be afraid to pile on the chillies!

3 Grill seekers

Watch out for deep-fried starters, including prawn crackers, calamari and spring rolls. Fresh lettuce wraps and Thai rice paper rolls stuffed with crunchy veggies are tasty and healthier. Choose grilled meats, such as satay chicken skewers, and ask for tofu to be grilled or sautéed rather than fried. Finish off with a soy and chilli dip rather than a high-fat peanut sauce.

4 Smart swaps

Thai green curry is a popular choice, but it contains coconut milk, which is high in saturated fat. Our suggestion? Go for a ‘jungle curry’ (kaeng pa) instead – a hugely flavoursome main that will help keep your Points in check. For sides, ditch white for brown rice, which is higher in fibre and a cool counterpoint to the curry’s spicy heat.

5 Waste not, want not!

Sharing can be caring (for your waistline) and allows you to sample a range of dishes. But if you do happen to over-order, you could always save the leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day.

With WW, nothing is off the menu. Discover the Points for Thai dishes on the WW App or check out our selection of Thai recipes that you can make at home.