Fit in five minutes with WW and fitness expert Marvin Ambrosius

Check out these five-minute workouts to get you moving.
Published 21 June, 2019


Ready to get moving?

Marvin Ambrosius is a fitness expert and personal trainer, best known for his TV shows on Sky Sports TV, where he would host fitness routines for celebrity guests.

He has been a WW member in the past (although he's not currently on the programme). He used to be 19st so knows how it feels to be overweight, afraid to exercise and lacking in body confidence. 

Find Marvin on Instagram for more fitness inspiration.

Stretch it out


Follow these simple stretch exercises to help prepare for a workout, then scroll down for more fitness content!



5 minute cardiovascular workout


Get those heart rates up with this 5 minute workout, designed to burn fat and tone & sculpt your body. Give it a go with WW members Rachael @healthyhoots and Emma @emmas.whitedress.mission.