How do I sync my Fitbit with the WeightWatchers® app?

Turn movement into activity Points® by linking your Fitbit or activity tracker to the WW app.
Published 18 September, 2018

Building healthy habits is the foundation of our science-backed WW programme. That's why, when you sign up to WW, you're given a personalised activity target to work towards each week. 

Syncing your Fitbit to the WW app

You can automatically track your activity Points by syncing your fitness device to the WW app. In your Profile section of the app, tap the cog to go to Settings. Tap Activity / Sleep settings, then tap synchronise device. Follow the instructions to get set up! Or, check out our dedicated help page on syncing your fitness device.   

Once you've done this, you won’t need to manually enter your workouts, as the WW app will receive the data from your fitness device and do all the work for you! You can check your activity dashboard to see your progress.

To ensure we have the most accurate record of your activity with minimal duplication, we allow for just one connection to a device or app at a time.

Why use a Fitbit or pedometer?

Fitness devices are great for tracking steps and helping you towards healthier goals. Our WW Fit Pedometer is perfect if you simply want to track your steps, distance and calories burned – simply clip on and go!

If you’re looking for something a bit more high-tech, a Fitbit will track your exercise, activity (including active minutes, hourly activity and stationary time), sleep and weight. Some, like the Flex 2, are swim proof, while others send reminders encouraging you to take 250 steps every hour.

Setting goals to reach a certain number of steps or do a certain amount of exercise can help with weight loss plans, motivate you to get outdoors and nudge you in the direction of a healthier lifestyle.

I don’t have a fitness device. How do I track my steps?

iPhone users can use their Health app, and Android users can use Google Fit.