Find what moves you (and makes you smile!)

There's so many benefits to getting active, you just need to find what works for you.
Published 6 November, 2017

Our approach to physical activity is simple: if you enjoy it, you'll keep at it. Anything that gets you moving more will do great things for your health, mood, and wellbeing. And our FitPoints® 2.0 are smarter and more personalised than ever.

If you’re worried about keeping active, shift your mindset from working out for ‘exercise’ to working out for ‘fun’! When you do something you love that just happens to be active, rather than pushing yourself to do types of exercise you don’t really enjoy, you’re likely to feel happier and less daunted by your workouts.

One study showed that people who were asked to walk a mile ‘to have fun’ felt less fatigued and were in a better mood than those who were asked to walk the same distance for ‘exercise’. So, focus on fun and enjoying what you do, and you’ll be more motivated to get moving.


Why not try:

• Walking around the park to enjoy the fresh air and changing seasons.

• Getting family or friends together to enjoy quality time for a kick-about.

• Taking a dip in an indoor or outdoor pool and imagining you’re on holiday.

• Meeting your BFF at a dance class for a boogie to your favourite tunes.

• Trying some fun childhood activities like skipping, hula-hooping, or hop-scotch!