Get out there!

Make the most of your weekends this spring by getting active in the great outdoors.
Published 23 April, 2018
If you’re looking for…
an activity to do solo

Try cycling: whether you’re a beginner or advanced cyclist, it’s a great way to get outside. If you’re building up your confidence on a bike, look out for local cycle paths or try cycling on a route you’d normally walk or drive. And if you’re a more experienced rider, explore cycling routes in a nearby National Park. Whatever suits you, you’ll be able to go at your own pace (or challenge yourself to go faster) when you’re going it alone. Need some motivation to keep moving? Plug in your favourite tunes, if conditions allow, and listen while you ride. 

If you’re looking for…
an activity to do with the kids

Try canoeing or kayaking: it might seem like an intense activity, but can actually be a fun way to get everyone moving. And you don’t have to push yourself – even paddling will earn you FitPoints®! What’s more, paddling in a canoe or kayak on a river is a great way to see wildlife in your area, which will keep the kids (and you!) interested. You’ll find canoe or kayak hires at some National Trust sites, and it’s also worth asking around at any local waterways.

If you’re looking for…
an activity to do with friend

Try hiking: staying motivated during a long walk or hike can be difficult, but when you’re in a fun group of friends, it won’t seem so hard. You’ll push each other to get through it and, if you choose to take on a challenge (like reaching a nearby peak or covering a long distance), you’ll have plenty of people on side to celebrate with. Why not get together with fellow WW Members and try hiking locally? You’ll all benefit – and you might even meet a new friend!