Healthy chicken recipes

Chicken is a versatile ingredient that is easy turn into delicious, healthy dishes. Check out our nutritionist-approved healthy chicken recipe collection.
Published 5 June 2019

Easy chicken recipes to cook tonight


Our WW nutrition team have pulled together our favourite healthy chicken recipes. We love chicken as it's a healthy source of lean protein, plus provides iron, zinc, B vitamins and selenium (a powerful antioxidant). On top of all this skinless chicken breast is a ZeroPoint™ food making it a great base ingredient to create endless healthy meals.

Whether you are looking for a throw together lunch like this chicken, walnut and rocket salad or looking for a family dinner winner like this healthy chicken schnitzel, we have plenty of healthy chicken recipes to choose from.

Chicken cooking tip: Trim off all visible fat and remove excess skin, and choose cooking methods to ensure the meat remains lean, such as barbecuing, grilling and roasting. Poultry must always be cooked all the way through to prevent the possibility of food poisoning. Any leftovers should be covered loosely and cooled quickly in the fridge. Use within two days.