On Point recipe pairings for wine and cheese day

Celebrate Wine and Cheese day with On Point Wines and these cheesy WeightWatchers recipes.
Published July 6, 2022

If you’re a fan of wine and cheese, then there’s no better holiday than National Wine and Cheese Day.

WW’s On Point Wines offer three options to choose from: Smooth Red, Crisp White and Rosé. Not only are they flavourful food-friendly wines, but each five-ounce serving is just three Points.

Smooth Red

On Point Smooth Red is full of dark fruit and plum flavours, has a hint of spice and finishes smoothly. It pairs well with pasta, grilled foods, pizza, and burgers. When it comes to cheeses, look for hard cheeses like cheddar and Parmesan to pair with it. Try the hearty, cheesy WW recipes below alongside On Point Smooth Red.

Crisp White

With its citrus and passionfruit notes and a refreshing light finish, On Point Crisp White is the perfect accompaniment for seafood, salads, poultry, and salty snacks. White wines like this work well with cheddar, blue cheese, goat cheese, and anything with a washed rind (usually on the smellier side of the cheese aisle). The recipes below include snacks, brunch, lunch, and dinner options to pair with a cold glass of On Point Crisp White.


On Point Rosé is summery with notes of strawberry, making for a light and crisp sipping wine. It will pair well with soft cheeses like brie and camembert, and potentially some blues, as blue cheese tends to go well with a sweeter beverage. On Point Rosé will complement the recipes below, from a sweet-and-savoury crostini to a decadent mac and cheese.