Cooking with chicken breast, salmon, and ground turkey

How to make the most of these ZeroPoint foods on Blue and Purple
Published January 6, 2021

Chicken breast, salmon, and extra lean ground turkey are super versatile lean proteins that can be easily incorporated into any meal.

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Check out these WW recipes using some of truLOCAL’s fan-favourite proteins!

Why are the chicken breasts from truLOCAL special? Not only are these boneless, skinless chicken breasts sourced from your local farms, they are air-chilled, rather than conventionally water-chilled which can cause the meat to retain extra water weight and actually shrink during cooking.
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Why order your salmon from truLOCAL? This wild-caught sockeye salmon is some of the tastiest you will find around! All sourced by local suppliers with a rich taste, texture and colour. Plus, individually packaged to make dinner time even easier!

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This locally raised ground turkey is a great lean protein to add to any dish. Tacos, pasta sauce, burgers, you name it! These 1lb packages are perfect for any of the recipes above and comes from farms in your province.

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How to order with truLOCAL

Options available to you!

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2. Customizable subscription box: choose between a small or regular-sized box and build your own!

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