18 Unique Grilling Recipes for Summer

Get more out of your barbecue and use it to make guacamole, pasta, and dessert!
Published May 4, 2023

Here's something even the greatest grill masters ponder: What can you grill other than meat? Well, a whole lot actually. The barbecue isn't just for burgers and hot dogs. Desserts? Yup. Pasta? Sure. Soups, dips, and pizza? Oh, yeah! There are so many fun things to grill.

The benefits of going beyond the typical staples are huge. First, getting out of the kitchen usually means less mess to clean up. And in the summertime, what's better than cooking—and dining—in the fresh air? Plus, the method lends a wonderful smoky, rich, charred taste to dishes. In fact, once you try our favorite things to cook on the grill, it may be difficult to go back to the original recipes.

And if weight loss is the goal, grilling more than just patties and franks can do wonders since the cooking method doesn't require a lot of oil or fat. Moreover, clever grilling ideas (gazpacho on the barbecue!) open up the door to delicious meals that can keep you on track.

To inspire your future grilling adventures, we've rounded up some delicious, plan-friendly, and unique grilling ideas. Enjoy them alone or as an accompaniment to your usual BBQ faves (because, hey, we'll never say no to a juicy burger). Want even more inspiration?