15 Healthy Soups for Weight Loss

A roundup of our favourite fibre-filled and low sodium healthy soup recipes to keep you satisfied and on track.
Published February 28, 2022 | Updated November 4, 2022

Why Healthy Soups Help With Weight Loss

When you are looking to lose weight one of the easiest foods you can turn to is a simple soup. Soups are great for losing weight because they can be jam-packed with healthy ingredients (veggies and beans we see you!), can be easily batch prepped ahead of time (reducing the chances you may opt for a less-healthy snack when hunger hits) is a one-pot meal that doesn’t take much time to cook, and is completely customizable.

You can make soups that use up whatever vegetables you have in your fridge, you can add in your favourite herbs and spices, and you can keep them chunky or blend them for a smooth bowl of comfort. Here are some of our favourite recipes to inspire you and get you cooking.

Fibre-Filled Options

High-fibre foods can help you feel fuller for longer – a great boon for when you are trying to lose weight. Fibre is crucial for healthy digestion for most of us (unless your doctor has advised you to follow a low-fibre diet). It’s also a key element in weight loss and nutrition, as fibre keeps us full, delivers lots of nutrients and nurtures healthy gut bacteria. The recipes below are both healthy soups for weight loss and for getting your fibre fix.

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Non-Starchy Veg Winners

With these soups, you get all of the veg but none of the starch, helping you stay full and stay within your Points Budget. You can focus on one or two great vegetable combos or put the whole veggie garden in there. Feel free to get creative and customize these based on what’s kicking around in your veggie drawer and what flavours you’re craving.

Low-Sodium Choices

Watching your sodium intake is important for anyone with high blood pressure, but it’s also important for general wellness. The recommended daily amount of sodium for Canadians is 2300 milligrams – a number many of us exceed by more than double on a regular basis. These recipes keep sodium content in mind so you can rest easy as you enjoy each bowl. If you’re buying premade stock or broth, be sure to choose brands that offer “no salt added” or “low sodium” options to avoid any sneaky added salt.

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Filling Soups with Lean Protein

The more you pack your soup with fibre-rich veggies and lean protein the more filling it will be. Try adding beans for gut-healthy protein, which also keeps you full and satiated. Thicker options like stews and chili will also feel extra hearty and filling, helping you feel satisfied. Add in lean proteins like ground turkey or chicken, tofu, or tempeh to keep you satisfied between meals.

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