Eat Veggies. Get Rewarded.

How so? You’ll get Points® and build healthy habits. Win-win, we say!
Published October 21, 2021

Yes, we’re dangling the carrot (and all other non-starchy vegetables!) in front of you. For every cup (about a fistful) that you eat, you’ll add a Point to your daily Budget with our new PersonalPoints™ Program. There are plenty other benefits, too.

  • Stay full longer. Non-starchy veggies are an amazing source of filling fibre, and having a fibre-rich pattern of eating supports good health.
  • Fuel your body. Veggies are loaded with vitamins and minerals (like vitamin C and potassium)—and water.
  • Ditch cooking boredom. With more than 50 options on the list, you could eat a different veggie at every meal and not run out of options until, well, you can do the math.
  • May help you manage blood sugar: If you’re living with diabetes, experts recommend eating fibre-packed non-starchy veggies regularly to help manage blood sugar.
  • Master your Budget. Running low on Points for the day? Fill up on veggies that double as ZeroPoint™ foods.
  • Add Points. This is worth repeating! Because we’re rewarding you for building a healthy habit. It goes something like this:

How It All Adds Up

Some things to consider when measuring and tracking

  • Calculate the cup in the form you eat it—sauteéd, chopped up, or raw. Why? Since one of the benefits of eating non-starchy veggies is that they’re full of fibre, volume comes into play here. The larger the volume of veggies you eat, the more you’ll feel full—hence why you should log what you eat.
  • Making a WW recipe or tracking your favourite takeout (like chicken and broccoli)? The app will automatically add the Points® you get from veggies to your Budget. If you’re eating something you made, just track your veggies in the app and watch your daily Points grow.
  • Yes, a cup of veggies in your smoothie counts. Blended into recipes (even brownies!) is a legit way to get those veggies in as long as your serving size has a full cup or more.

When you’re ready to load up your meal plan with non-starchy veggies, keep the star-studded lineup nearby—and get creative!