12 easy corn recipes that bring the flavour

Our top recipes for corn, with ideas for eating it on or off the cob, from WW.
Published July 24, 2020

Fun fact: One cup of corn has 16 grams of protein. These golden kernels give dishes texture, taste, and mouth feel.  Despite the fanfare of yellow, white, or tricolor, corn's sweetness isn't determined by color. Corn's flavor comes from its genes.


How to buy corn on the cob

Most of the year you can opt for frozen or canned, but during the summer months, nothing can beat corn on the cob. When choosing yours, try not to pull back the husks as it can negatively impact its taste.  Here's how to choose a cob:

Step 1: Seek out green, tight, moist husks. If the brown ends of the silk that poke out feel....well, silky, great.

Step 2: Once you have found husks that fit the above description, check them for little holes and put back the husk if you find any—these are worm holes.

Step 3: If the husk is still in your hand because it has passed steps one and two, give it a squeeze from stem to the end. If it feels solid and firm, place in your basket to take home.

Once home, store it in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. Eat it within three days—maybe in one of the recipes below.