10 delicious soup recipes for you and you alone

No stockpot needed! From classic chicken soup to gingery ramen, these simple, single-serve soups make just enough to fill a bowl.
Published February 4, 2021

Big-batch soup recipes definitely have their place. But let’s be real: Sometimes you don’t feel like dragging out the giant stockpot and wrangling quarts of broth.

Luckily, it’s also possible to make delicious homemade soup one bowl at a time. In addition to being a quick meal option, single-serve soup makes a great catch-all for leftover odds and ends in your fridge: that random scoop of cooked rice, those two stray slices of grilled chicken breast, the sauteed peppers you didn’t finish—you get the idea. Go ahead and toss ’em in for an even tastier meal.

On that note, feel free to play around with the recipes themselves. You can use water as your base if you don't have broth or bouillon on hand. Punch up the flavor with generous shakes of dried seasonings, a nice squeeze of fresh citrus, or a few dashes of hot sauce. You can boost tomatoey soups with a dollop of salsa or extra tomato paste; you can thicken bean-based bowls with a spoonful of hummus. That’s the beauty of soup: It’s basically foolproof!

However you like yours, these 10 single-serve soup recipes come together quickly and will warm you right up.


Leslie Fink, MS, RD has worked on the WW editorial team for more than 20 years. She plays a key role in food, recipe, and program content, as well as product partnerships and experiences.