Healthy prawn recipes

Discover some new ways to enjoy this ZeroPoint food.
Published 29 June 2022 | Updated 1 February 2024
Prawn rice and quinoa bowl

Prawns are a delicious addition to many dishes and are packed with omega-3 fatty acids and protein. A 85 gram serve of cooked prawns deliver roughly 23 grams of protein. Prawns also contain minimal saturated fat per serving, making it a lean source of protein and a heart-healthy option.

Use these pro buying tips to get the tastiest prawns:

  • Seek out frozen prawns with the heads off or peel-and-eat that have been individually quick frozen. This will save you plenty of time in the kitchen peeling them.
  • Look through the clear window on the bag for signs of freezer burn (you'll want to avoid that pack!).
  • Thaw them before cooking for the best possible outcome!
  • Look for Australian, sustainably sourced prawns where possible.