WW X Headspace | WW USA

Curated content from a global leader in mindfulness

How it works:

We've partnered with Headspace to provide meditations right in our app—and it's just for members! Wondering why meditation matters? It can help you become more aware of your thoughts and feelings, a powerful way to help shift your mindset and reach your goals.
Open your WW app

Scroll to the bottom of My Day to find the WW x Headspace content (look for the orange circle). Tap to open and choose an introductory video, or jump right into one of the meditations. 

Choose a technique

In the WW app, you can start with meditation basics or a specific technique to reduce stress, eat mindfully, or fall asleep. They’re all short and simple to fit into your busy schedule.

Try something new

The benefits are clear: Meditation can reduce stress, increase focus, and create the right conditions for a good night's sleep. Simply put, meditation and mindfulness help nurture healthy behaviors, and Headspace can make it easier to get started.

Don't have the WW app? Download it today!