How to Conduct Research with WeightWatchers®

Interested in collaborating with our Science team? Here’s how to get in touch.
Published April 27, 2021

For nearly 60 years, the WW program has been rooted in science. Our dedicated Science team uses credible, current research to inform our program and product innovations, and works closely with leading researchers to ensure we meet the highest standards.

As part of our ongoing commitment to best-in-class research, our team is keen to explore collaboration opportunities across the greater scientific community.

If you’re interested in conducting research with WW, here’s a brief overview of our process.

WW Research Opportunities:

  • Request use of WW membership and/or WW products
  • Recruit from our membership for studies on weight loss maintenance
  • Conduct clinical trials on WW program innovations before launch (WW initiated)
  • Conduct multi-site RCTs across the globe to test WW program innovations after launch
  • Survey current members

How to Apply

Funds are available for researchers to enhance the diversity of the research workforce by recruiting and supporting eligible investigators from diverse backgrounds, including those from groups that have been shown to be underrepresented in health-related research.

Please compile an application packet with the following documents:

  • NIH Style Biosketch for key personnel
  • Specific Aims Page (1 page max)

When complete, email a single PDF to Michelle I. Cardel, PhD, MS, RD, senior director of global clinical research and nutrition at WW.

*Please note, for WW funded projects, the max IDC is 25%.