Pear and cheese bundles

Total Time
6 min
6 min
0 min
Pear slices replace the typical bread in these savory bundles, which are made with Parmesan cheese, fresh lemon juice, and honey mustard, and then are tied together with some chives. You can opt to serve them at once, or cover and refrigerate up to 2 hours if you're making them ahead of time. If you have some handy, sprinkle fresh thyme leaves over the bundles before serving for a flavorful garnish. Also, here's a quick trick if you don't have any honey mustard: Make your own by combining 1 teaspoon honey with 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard, and you're ready to rock and roll.



2 cup(s)

Fresh lemon juice

½ tsp, from 1⁄2 of lemon


2 pound(s), Comice or Bartlett variety, (about 3 pears)

Parmesan cheese

3 oz, chunk, at room temperature

Honey mustard

2 tsp


cup(s), fresh, (about 18)


  1. Combine the water and lemon juice in a medium bowl. Peel the pears, then halve them lengthwise and cut out the cores. Place each half flat-side down and cut lengthwise into 6 slices.
  2. Drop the slices into the lemon water as you cut them, to prevent browning. Use a cheese plane or vegetable peeler to shave the cheese into 18 paper-thin slices.
  3. Each shaving should be about 1 inch wide and 3 inches long. Cut each pear slice in half lengthwise. Place a cheese shaving on top of one half, then spread the cheese with 1⁄8 teaspoon of the honey mustard.
  4. Top with the other pear half slice; tie into a bundle with a chive. Repeat with the remaining ingredients to make 18 bundles.