Photo of Mini Snack Jars by WW

Mini Snack Jars

Total Time
15 min
15 min
These adorable snack jars aren’t just appealing for their well balanced mix of nuts, olives, cheese, meat, and fresh veggies; they’re also a smart approach to portion control. Set them out at a gathering, and watch your guests’ delight at their own individual “jarcuterie” assortment. You can vary the vegetables and nuts as you’d like. You can try roasted zucchini or eggplant cubes in place of Brussels sprouts, or pistachios instead of almonds, for example.



80 item(s), roasted

Cherry tomatoes

32 medium

Baby carrots

8 item(s), halved lengthwise

Persian (mini) cucumber

2 item(s)

Non starchy roasted vegetables without oil

1½ cup(s), 16 pearl onions and 8 whole Brussels sprouts

Turkey pepperoni

8 piece(s)

Castelvetrano whole olives

8 olive(s), pitted

Fresh mozzarella cheese

16 gm, 8 (2-gram) pearls


  1. In the bottom of 8 (4-oz) jars, ramekins, or small glasses, place 10 almonds; top with 4 tomatoes. Stand 1 baby carrot half upright in each jar. Cut the cucumber into quarters lengthwise, then cut them in half crosswise; stand 1 cucumber spear upright in each jar.
  2. Onto 8 long toothpicks or short skewers, thread 2 onions and 1 Brussels sprout; stand 1 skewer upright in each jar. Onto 8 long toothpicks or short skewers, thread 1 pepperoni slice around 1 olive, and top with 1 mozzarella pearl; stand 1 skewer upright in each jar.
  3. Serving size: 1 jar