Photo of Kiwi-berry pavlova by WW

Kiwi-berry pavlova

Total Time
1 hr 15 min
15 min
1 hr
Hailing from Australia and New Zealand, this meringue-based dessert is crispy on the outside but pillowy soft on the inside and filled with a marmalade mixture and beautiful fruit. This texture of the meringue is created by beating the egg whites until soft peaks form, and then adding in the sugar; this gives it an airy texture. Before you start, make sure your bowl and the beaters are clean and free from any fat or grease. If the mixing equipment isn’t very clean, the egg whites won’t whip up properly. To test for doneness, the pavlova will look pale and dry, but when tested with a wooden pick, it should come out with a sticky consistency clinging.


Egg whites

4 large


1 cup(s)

Vanilla extract

1 tsp


¼ cup(s), orange

Fat free sour cream

¾ cup(s)


6 medium, peeled and sliced


2 cup(s), sliced


  1. Heat oven to 225°F. Place parchment paper on baking sheet. Draw eight 3-inch circles on parchment, turn over.
  2. In mixer on medium, beat eggs until peaks form. Add sugar 1 tablespoon at a time. Beat until stiff and glossy. Stir in vanilla to complete meringue.
  3. Pipe meringue through a pastry bag, or a cut corner of a plastic bag, onto drawn circles to cover base of circle and then create an edge on perimeter of circle. Bake until slightly colored, about 1 hour. Turn off oven. Cool meringues in oven.
  4. Combine marmalade and sour cream. When meringues cool, fill each with about 2 tablespoons filling. Top with fruit.