Easy Peking duck wraps

Total Time
33 min
14 min
19 min
This easy-to-assemble and easy-to-eat version of Peking duck, a historic recipe with roots in imperial China, gets all the distinctive flavor you expect from the original minus the fat. Hoisin sauce, a fermented soybean paste seasoned with star anise, garlic, and chiles, along with rice wine and five-spice powder add loads of complexity and authentic flavor to this recipe. Flour tortillas are a simple and convenient way to replicate the traditional rice pancakes that Peking duck is often wrapped in. Turn this recipe into a party canapé by cutting each of the tortillas into four wedges and topping each with a slice of duck, a spoonful of hoisin sauce, and some of the chopped cucumber and scallion.


Hoisin sauce

4½ Tbsp


2 Tbsp, wine


4 tsp

Less sodium soy sauce

1 Tbsp

Five-spice powder

tsp, Chinese blend

Uncooked duck without skin

½ pound(s), breast

Fat free flour tortilla

2 small, (6-inch)


½ medium, peeled, seeded, and cut lengthwise into thin slices


1 medium, green part only, cut in half lengthwise


  1. Combine 3 tablespoons of the hoisin sauce, the sake, 3 teaspoons of the honey, the soy sauce, and 5-spice powder in a zip-close plastic bag; add the duck breast. Squeeze out the air and seal the bag; turn to coat the duck. Refrigerate, turning the bag occasionally, at least 4 hours or up to overnight.
  2. Combine the remaining 1 1/2 tablespoons hoisin sauce and 1 teaspoon honey in a small bowl; set aside.
  3. Preheat the oven to 450°F. Line a 10 x 15-inch jelly roll pan with foil. Stand a wire rack in the pan; lightly spray the rack with nonstick spray.
  4. Remove the duck breast from the marinade. Discard the marinade and place the duck on the rack. Bake until the duck is cooked through, 16-18 minutes. Remove the duck from the oven, cover loosely with foil, and let it rest, about 5 minutes.
  5. Meanwhile, wrap the tortillas in damp paper towels and microwave on High, 30–60 seconds to warm them. Thinly slice the duck breast across the grain. Spread half of the reserved hoisin-honey mixture over each tortilla. Top each with half of the cucumber, the duck, and then the scallion. Wrap the tortilla around the filling and serve at once. Yields 1 wrap per serving.