Classic Italian tomato sauce

Classic Italian Tomato Sauce

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Total Time
40 min
10 min
30 min
Making homemade tomato sauce is much easier than you think and well worth the time it takes to simmer on the stove. We like canned San Marzano plum tomatoes imported from Italy for this sauce. Garlic, finely minced, is an essential ingredient too. When you add garlic to the pan, sauté it slowly until the color is close to a pale gold. Throw in fresh basil at the very last minute, just before serving, for a hit of herbaceous flavor. Use it immediately or cool and chill to save to for later. Use it to toss with pasta, make lasagna, or to spoon over seared chicken or fish.


Olive oil

1 Tbsp

Uncooked onion

2 medium, chopped


4 clove(s), minced

Canned tomatoes

56 oz, (2 cans), whole peeled, drained and broken up

Canned unsalted tomato paste

¼ cup(s)

Table salt

1 tsp

Black pepper

¼ tsp


  1. Heat oil in Dutch oven over medium heat. Add onions and garlic; cook, stirring, until onions are softened, about 5 minutes.
  2. Add all remaining ingredients to Dutch oven and bring to boil. Reduce heat and simmer, partially covered, until flavors are blended and sauce is slightly thickened, about 25 minutes.
  3. Serving size 1/2 cup