Photo of Cinnamon-spiced peanut dusted popcorn by WW

Cinnamon-spiced peanut dusted popcorn

Total Time
5 min
5 min
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Perfect for a chilly evening, consider serving this treat with warm cider or tea. Or make it in advance for an easy snack on-the-go. Divide the mixture among 4 zip-top bags and store at room temp for up to a day. Be sure to check out the package to see how many cups of popcorn each bag makes. The yield may vary from brand to brand. If you don’t have the spices on hand, just sub either apple or pumpkin spice if you have either blend in your spice rack. You could also use the chocolate peanut butter powder instead of the traditional variety for a simple twist.


94% fat free microwave kettle corn

8 cup(s)

Cooking spray

2 spray(s)

Powdered sugar (confectioner's)

¼ cup(s)

Ground cinnamon

2 tsp

Freshly grated nutmeg

¼ tsp

Ground allspice

¼ tsp

Powdered peanut butter

1 tsp

Table salt

¼ tsp


  1. Place the popped popcorn in a large bowl; spray with nonstick spray, tossing well.
  2. In a small bowl, whisk together the powdered sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and salt. Sprinkle over the popcorn, tossing all the while until well coated. Yields about 2 cups per serving.