57 New Recipes to Try

See what WW’s been cooking lately and get all our freshest recipes.
Published November 9, 2021

At WW HQ, our pots and pans have been super busy simmering and sauteing, roasting and toasting, cooking up delicious recipes of all kinds. We’ve especially been creating more dishes packed with non-starchy veggies to help you earn PersonalPoints™ toward your daily Budget.

We’ve also worked on sweet but spooky Halloween recipes, clever ways to make use of your Thanksgiving leftovers, and cooking hacks that feature three of our most popular WW food products: tortilla chips, nacho chips, and chocolate-caramel snack bars.

And did we mention pizza?! We’ve got it three new ways: with bacon and cheese, with a homemade cheesy cauliflower crust, and as stuffed pizza-squash bowls. Check out all our new recipes, below.

Recipes that Use ZeroPoint Canned Baby Corn

Because baby carrots aren’t the only baby veggie that deserves some attention

Pickles are Feeling the Love, Too!

Did you know that you can earn Points® towards your daily Budget while munching on these deli classics?

Sweet and Savory Recipes Made with Canned Pumpkin Puree

This vitamin A-rich, fiber-packed convenience food can add creaminess to chili and soup, cheese sauce, dessert mousse, and cheesecake bars. And it’s a ZeroPoint food, too!

Dishes That Use Nonfat Cottage Cheese

Move over nonfat Greek yogurt! Give some love to plain fat-free cottage cheese, too.

Say Goodbye to Dry Turkey Sandwiches

Tasty ways to reinvent leftover Thanksgiving turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and gravy.


Leslie Fink, MS, RD, has worked on WW’s editorial team for more than 21 years. She plays a key role in food, recipe, and program content, as well as product partnerships and experiences.