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Make Healthy Living Accessible for All

Here’s how we’re putting this goal into action.

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The WeightWatchers® Wellness Impact Award

While we believe that healthy living is a human right, not all communities have access to the resources they need to make that a reality. Through the second-annual WW Wellness Impact Award, we’re uplifting community-led solutions by selecting five organizations to receive a $15,000 grant and so much more.

This year, we’re focusing specifically on the health of BIPOC women—and we want your nominations. Know of a community-centered organization that’s breaking wellness barriers for women of color? Nominate them by February 18, 2022.

Food Waste and Insecurity in America:
Be Part of the Solution

The statistics are staggering:

42 Million:

The number of people expected to experience food insecurity this year.


The percentage of fresh food in the US going to waste—instead of to those who need it.

$408 Billion:

The amount being spent on food that will never be eaten.

Together, we can change the course of food waste and insecurity in America. Join us as we call on Congress to amend the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act.

By expanding and clarifying the existing liability protections for food donation, we can help provide immediate relief to the millions of Americans in our communities experiencing food insecurity.

Learn more and sign the petition here.