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It's time to act

We’re calling on Congress to expand and clarify the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act.

This bipartisan legislation passed in 1996 to encourage companies to donate their surplus food and grocery products to nonprofits. But, many provisions of the Emerson Act are still unclear, so donors remain afraid of legal liability—which results in perfectly viable food being wasted, instead of given to those in need.

By expanding and clarifying the existing liability protections for food donation, we can help provide immediate relief to the millions of Americans in our communities experiencing food insecurity.

Our commitment doesn’t stop there

At WW, community is at the heart of what we do. That’s why we’re dedicated to ensuring all communities have the resources for healthy living. Here’s how we’re making that a reality:

At the local level

We’re uplifting the work of grassroots organizations making a difference in their communities with the WW Wellness Impact Award. To address the systemic inequities faced by historically excluded groups, each of our winners’ work is dedicated to the advancement of wellness in communities of color.

One WW Wellness Impact Award winner is building a space for women of color to grow as cyclists nationwide.

Another is ensuring low-income, farm-working families also have access to fresh, pesticide-free, culturally preferred produce.

At the corporate level

We’re leveraging our power, platform, and community-building experience to make a large-scale impact through the Healthy Living Coalition. Launched in 2019, this group of business leaders and nonprofit organizations uses our combined resources to turn individual action into collective impact.

*US Food Loss & Waste Policy Action Plan for Congress & the Biden-Harris Administration