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All About ZeroPoint™ Foods

Curious about which foods are zero SmartPoints® on myWW+? Take a look.
Published November 9, 2019

You’ve kicked off your weight-loss journey, downloaded the WW app, and stocked the fridge. Now you may be wondering: “So, what do I eat?” Well, here’s a happy reminder: With myWW+, everything is on the menu. Pizza, ice cream, your kid’s leftover fries...no food is off-limits, and our SmartPoints® system and ZeroPoint™ foods will guide you to a healthier pattern of eating.

What are ZeroPoint foods?

No matter which color you’re on—Green, Blue, or Purple—you have a list of foods that are healthy,  easy to have on hand, and—you guessed it!—have zero SmartPoints®. That means you can enjoy them without weighing, measuring, or tracking! ​They make eating simple and add flexibility to your SmartPoints Budget. 

  • ZeroPoint foods can help you get to your goal. WW clinical trials show that you can eat ZeroPoint foods without tracking or measuring and still lose weight, no matter which color you're on!

  • They’re good for you. ZeroPoint foods were specifically chosen because the World Health Organization guidelines recommend eating them more frequently than other foods as part of a healthy pattern of eating.

  • ZeroPoint foods are tough to overeat. Sure, you could eat 13 bananas, but would you want to? Probably not. And that definitely wouldn’t fit in with a healthy pattern of eating. People don’t tend to go wild with ZeroPoint foods, which is one reason you don’t have to measure or track them. But keep in mind, they’re not all you can eat. Your ZeroPoint list is there to signal how often to dig in, not how much.

The complete ZeroPoint lists for Green, Blue, and Purple 

On myWW+, all three colors have a different number of ZeroPoint foods—and a personalized SmartPoints Budget to balance everything out.

WW Zero Point Foods List Green

  • Blue has 200+ ZeroPoint foods (fruits, veggies, and lean proteins) and a moderate SmartPoints Budget.

WW ZeroPoint Foods List Blue

WW ZeroPoint Foods List Purple

What makes ZeroPoint foods so great?

  1. You don't have to buy anything special. They’re regular, everyday foods, so you don’t have to eat differently from your friends.

  2. You have tons of options. You’ll always have something delicious to eat, even with only a few SmartPoints to spend.

  3. Tracking is simple. Remember when we said that you don't have to measure or track these foods? It's true. Which leads us to our next question... 

How much can I eat? 

If a food is on your ZeroPoint list, that’s a signal for how often to reach for it, not how much we recommend eating. So, if you normally ate one banana a day, stick to that. Now's not the time to start eating four bananas just because they're zero.

Your ZeroPoint list is there to signal how often to dig in, not how much.

Why do some colors have more ZeroPoint foods than others? 

The myWW+ program is designed to be freeing and flexible for different types of people by taking into account different ways of eating. Each color offers a balance of ZeroPoint foods and SmartPoints. The color with the most ZeroPoint foods has the lowest SmartPoints Budget, and the one with the fewest ZeroPoint foods has the highest SmartPoints Budget. 

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Can I switch colors?

Yes! If after a few weeks you find that a different way of eating might work better with your lifestyle, you can always change it up. For example, if you discover that you love ZeroPoint foods and want to eat more of them, and don't mind having a lower SmartPoints Budget, then shifting from Green to Blue or Purple might feel great. If you realize that you want to have more SmartPoints to spend on the foods you choose, then shifting from Blue or Purple to Green might be a better fit.

Why are some foods zero on one color but not another?

On myWW+, each color has different foods that are designated as ZeroPoint foods—and the SmartPoints Budget is adjusted accordingly, depending on how many there are. The color with the longest list of ZeroPoint foods has the lowest SmartPoints Budget, and the one with the shortest list of ZeroPoint foods has the highest SmartPoints Budget.

How did WW choose the ZeroPoint foods for each color?

We developed a list of foods that can be enjoyed for zero SmartPoints values, without the need for weighing, measuring, or tracking these foods, across each plan. The foods that made it on to each list were chosen by whether or not they were at low risk for overeating, and how well they would support people in developing a healthier pattern of eating.

Do colors with more (or fewer) ZeroPoint foods provide better weight loss?

Nope! Each color promotes a similar healthy rate of weight loss. The one that we recommend for you is the one that allows you the most freedom and flexibility (or structure, if you prefer) and that helps you develop and sustain healthy habits. If a color with more ZeroPoint foods helps you stick with it, then that’s the one that will provide better weight loss! If a color with fewer ZeroPoint helps you stick with it, then that one will help you lose the most weight. (Keep in mind that people will experience different rates of weight loss depending on their initial weight, and whether or not they meet their SmartPoints Budget.)

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1. Six month pre-post study conducted by the University of North Carolina funded by WW. Weight data measured after 6 months on WW Freestyle.