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Here's how to make SmartPoints-friendly bagels

Two-ingredient dough boosts the protein and helps you save SmartPoints for later.

Nonfat Greek yogurt, which is a ZeroPoint™ food on Blue and Purple, doesn't just deliver a hearty dose of protein. When combined with self-rising flour—no yeast or other esoteric additions—it makes a remarkably low SmartPoints®-value bagel. Ta-da! And you don't even need to boil it. 

Expect a substantial crust that's chewier than a regular roll and a doughy center than many prefer toasted—and remember that you're shaving off about two-thirds of 11 SmartPoints (Green, Blue, Purple) found in a typical bagel. Meaning? The homemade alternatives are pretty hard to beat. 

While part of the allure of two-ingredient dough bagels is the convenience of a short ingredient list, if you don't happen to stock self-rising flour in your pantry, you can mix regular flour with baking powder and salt. Oh, and if flavored bagels are your thing, try adding 1 tsp cinnamon to the flour and 2 tbsp plumped raisins to the dough for an additional SmartPoints value per serving. Or, you can always sprinkle with everything bagel spice.

Two-ingredient bagel recipe

Makes 4
4 (Green), 3 (Blue), or 3 (Purple)

1 cup self-rising flour, plus more for kneading (alternatively, 1 cup all-purpose flour + 2 tsp baking powder + ¾ tsp salt)
1 cup plain fat-free Greek yogurt
1 egg white, lightly beaten

  1. Preheat oven to 375°F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. Add self-rising flour (or flour, baking powder, and salt whisked together) to a large mixing bowl. Add the yogurt and use a spatula or wooden spoon to combine thoroughly.
  3. Lightly flour a clean surface and empty the dough onto it (it will be sticky, so keep some extra flour nearby). Use well-floured hands to knead the dough for 3 to 5 minutes, until it’s smooth and tacky but no longer sticky. Form into a round, and cut into four pieces.
  4. Working with one piece at a time, roll each into a 6- to 7-inch snake, then pinch ends together to form a circle. Place on the baking sheet and repeat with remaining dough. Brush beaten egg white over the tops and bake for 25 to 30 minutes, until golden brown. Cool on a wire rack.

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