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Video workout: Yin yoga for beginners

Keep calm and stretch on with this relaxing, meditative yoga workout from Life by Ease tension and get toned? We’re in.
Published December 5, 2015

Feel like you’re trapped under a mountain of stress? While most types of yoga can help with relaxation, yin yoga, a slower style that includes many meditative poses, can be especially effective in calming your thoughts and promoting mental and physical awareness. In this video from Life by DailyBurn yoga expert Briohny Smyth leads a yin yoga practice that is designed to slow down your racing mind. It might be tough to fight the urge to fidget, but focusing on your breathing will help you release tension. Plus, training your brain to be calm has numerous benefits, including reducing stress, improving memory and boosting creativity.

Getting started is easier than you think. Grab a pillow, get in a comfortable position, and press play! Let Briohny’s soothing voice guide you in your practice. Now’s your chance to have your own moment of zen.

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