Move Your Body

Activity—including dancing!—can help turbocharge weight loss. You in? Let’s do this.
Published February 15, 2022

Being Active Helps Your Body in So Many Ways

Activity has an impressive résumé: It boosts moods, strengthens bones, reduces your risks of type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, and much more.

One not-to-miss feature on that “much more” list? Activity ramps up weight loss.

Why Getting Active NOW Is Really Worth It

Members who move more at the beginning of their journey tend to be more successful in the long run. Why? Our scientists theorize that being active signals to your brain that something’s different. And that something different…is you.

Meet the New You: An “Active Person”

Each time you move, you collect evidence that you’re someone who’s active. Say you laced up and walked 3 days this week. Suddenly, you start to identify as an active person. It’s a powerful mindset shift—and a potent motivator.

Even If You’ve Never Liked Exercise, We Can Help

Here are a few ideas to help kick-start your activity.

Tap for inspo!

  • Remember: “Activity in disguise” counts
    Walk to the store, play mini golf, dance with your kids.
  • Pair activity with something you love
    E.g., jog to your fave podcast. Work those legs, delight those ears!
  • Or with SOMEONE you love
    We’re better together! Friends that move together stay together.

You Really Can Start Small—but DO Start

It’s actually simple: The key to making activity a habit is consistency.

Because repetition = behavior change, it’s better to do one small thing every day than one big thing every week. Plan for it!

Don’t Forget: You GET Points® for Moving!

In case we haven’t said it loud enough, let’s all-caps it for effect: YOU CAN NOW ADD UNLIMITED (!) POINTS TO YOUR WEEKLIES.

Rest assured: You won’t gain weight spending the Points you’ve added. Our algorithm is really smart that way.

Excited to Get Started but Not Sure How?

Glad you asked. At WW, we love to share.

Tap for ideas!

  • Choose what you like, not THINK you should like
    Don’t force popular or trendy workouts. Hated exercise = never-done exercise.
  • Fit activity into your life—not vice versa
    Yes: yoga studio on your way home. No: the hot spot 45 minutes away.

Sync Your Fitness Device for Simpler Tracking

Track activity in two places? Never. If you have a fitness or activity device, we make it easy to link it to our app so all the tracking (and Points-adding!) happens seamlessly. This’ll take just 2 minutes.

Great work!

We’d love it if you could make a commitment to get moving in one way this week—any way you choose. We’re here for support if you need it.