How SmartPoints Work

One number tells you the value of what you’re eating!

A quick overview

We want to help you reach your weight-loss goals, but we also want you to eat what you love. (Just smarter!) So, we’re going to help you build a positive, healthy relationship with that food, one that can last a lifetime. 

How can we do all that? With SmartPoints, our unique plan that actively nudges you towards more nutritious food choices. 

How it works

Our science-based SmartPoints® system assigns every food a number based on four components: calories, saturated fat, sugar, and protein. The higher the number, the more sugar and saturated fat it will have. The lower the number, the less it will have. The reason for this is that numerous studies have confirmed the benefits of eating less sugar and saturated fat, and more protein—not just for weight loss, but all sorts of other healthy reasons too. 

Let's break it down

Your SmartPoints budget

  • Your Daily SmartPoints indicate how many SmartPoints you can spend on food and drink each day. It's personalized to you, based on your height, weight, age, and gender.
  • As you make progress, that number might go down. Don’t worry — it’s formulated make sure that you always get the right amount of nutrients!
  • Your Weekly SmartPoints are there as a cushion, if you need them. Spend them a little each day, save them up for something special  over the weekend), or don't use them at all! It's all about what works for you.
  • Your Weekly SmartPoints don't roll over, so use them or lose them! (They reset at the beginning of each week.)

Top tip: Choosing foods that are lower in SmartPoints — lean proteins, fruits and veggies, whole grains, and, yes, even some desserts — will maximize your SmartPoints AND guide you toward healthier choices. 

The Weight Watchers app

Our app is the simplest way to keep track of what you eat. It’s really easy to look up the SmartPoints values of the foods you eat every day, whether those foods in your kitchen pantry, a grocery store, a restaurant, or at a party.

Phone Mobile

  • The "Daily Used" section (on the top right) shows you how many SmartPoints you've used throughout the day. 
  • The "Daily Remaining" section (in the middle) shows how many SmartPoints you have left for the day. As you track foods, the number will decrease. 
  • The "Weekly Remaining" section (on the top left) shows you how many Weekly SmartPoints you have left to spend. 

SmartPoints vs. calories

When it comes to how food impacts your body, calories can tell part of the story but they don’t tell the whole story. 100 calories worth of cookies won’t provide the many nutrients that your body needs that, say, 100 calories of turkey, tofu, or vegetables would. 

All of these breakfasts have 300 calories, but the SmartPoints values are very different:

Bottom line: 

Counting calories without looking at other nutrients may not lead to an overall healthier eating pattern, which is crucial for a healthy weight loss and reducing risk for disease.